This is just another unfair bullying of Japan by South Korea.

It has no resources to attack in the current trade disputes between the two countries.
So it's trying to employ Fukusima waste water issues without any scientific evidences.

Nuclear power plants in S Korea have been dumping the waste water which contains radioactive materials into the Japan Sea.
They discharged over 6,000 TBq of tritium into the ocean from 1999 to 2009 in total.

Defunct Fukushima power plants store the waste water that contains 780 TBq of tritium in the steel tanks.

The statistics show that South Korea discharged the radioactive water that contained 8 times more tritium than Hukushima nuclear plants currently hold.

South Korea had better to squarely reflect on its conducts before it blames Japan on this matter. I think.

By the way,
Tritium is considered to be not hazardous to human bodies.
It quickly washes out of us in urine and perspiration like water.

Tritium is extremely difficult to scrub in the radioactive waste water treatment system because it has a chemical affinity to water.
Other unclear plants like the ones in South Korea, France, Canada, the U.S discharge tritium into the ocean to dilute it without any complaints from the neighboring nations.

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